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Meet the FAMCO IAQ Economizer –

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Economizer for homes & commercial buildings

This elegant little box helps to turn your home or office heating and cooling system into a tool that can improve health, protect your family from unhealthy air, and improve the comfort of your home all while both saving cooling costs & extending the life of your air conditioner. That make this one powerful little box.

The Idea

economizer control
When outdoor temperatures are suitable to provide indoor cooling, the IAQ Economizer delivers 100% cool fresh outdoor air to indoor spaces. Like automatically opening every window in the house with a guaranteed breeze to move the cool air, only without the security concerns of leaving windows open or having to worry about unfiltered air bringing dust into the home.  The system also improves indoor air quality, (IAQ) and can be configured to provide fresh air IAQ introductions automatically or whenever desired.

More Energy Savings

economizer control

Lowering attic temperatures, performing a night flush that brings the indoor temperature lower to delay the next day’s cooling. And the ability to cool the home without using the compressor at all if you choose. All add to the energy savings that the IAQ Economizer delivers.

The IAQ Economizer is compatible with all Home Automation systems, (uses a standard dry contact closure to actuate system,) and can be used with all conventional thermostats including Honeywell Wi-Fi, Ecobee and Nest.


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